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Senior Computer Class


- 8/9 Sessions Delivered Online Via Guided Trainer

- Covering fundamentals in Excel, Word, Outlook, Time Management & 365

- Support To Grow Your Career or Business

- For Cheshire/Warrington or Liverpool City Region inc Wirral, St Helens etc.

- Department For Education Funded

- FREE for unemployed/self-employed*

- 90% or 70% funded for businesses (subject to business size)*

*Full eligibility below.


Designed For The Modern Workplace

This course is designed to prepare learners for the modern and future workplace by teaching them the core skills they need to thrive in a digital world. During this training, you will learn how to enhance and develop existing skills, whilst learning brand new transformative techniques in Microsoft & Office 365. This course is perfect for those who are either; in existing office based roles and looking to up-skill, or those simply looking to learn the fundamentals skills needed to return and thrive in an office workplace.


Our Skills Bootcamps are funded by the Department For Education, for businesses and individuals in the Cheshire/Warrington or Liverpool City Region to help up-skill in vital Digital areas. Training is FREE for unemployed/self-employed individuals and is 90% or 70% funded for existing business staff, subject to eligibility. 

At a Glance

Funded training for those looking to standout and develop their career.

Business/learner must be based in Cheshire/Warrington or Liverpool City Region and aged 19+.

Covering fundamentals in Excel, Word, Outlook, Time Management & Office 365.

8/9 sessions, delivered online over multiple weeks.

Next Dates:


FREE for unemployed/self-employed. 90% funded for SME employees, 70% funded for businesses with 250+ staff.

Training Duration: 8 Days


Outlook - Module 1

This comprehensive module is designed to empower participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and leverage Microsoft Outlook effectively in the context of a modern working environment. Throughout the Bootcamp, we will focus on key objectives, including efficient email management, effective calendar utilisation, streamlined contact and people management, and optimal task and to-do management. Learner will also delve into the more advanced features of Outlook and work with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and gain a strong understanding of security and privacy best practices within Outlook. Our goal is not only to enhance proficiency in using Outlook's core features but also to adapt to the evolving landscape of the modern workplace.

Microsoft Excel Report Writers - Module 2 

The Excel Report Writing Module of the Bootcamp is aimed at improving your skills in creating effective reports using Excel. We'll cover the core features and delve into the features of Excel that will let you do the main calculations, data analysis, efficient report creation, and dynamic visualisation. We will teach you how to integrate Excel with other tools for enhanced reporting capabilities, adapt to the modern workplace with collaboration features, and stay updated with the latest Excel features.

Microsoft Word Report Writers - Module 3

The Word Report Writers Module for the Modern Workplace is designed to enhance the leaners proficiency in crafting reports using Microsoft Word. Throughout the training, we will focus on key objectives, including advanced document formatting, efficient report structuring, and collaboration features for seamless teamwork.

Time Management - Module 4

The Time Management in the Modern Workplace module is tailored for remote working environments as well as working in the office. This module is dedicated to cultivating effective time management, fostering teamwork, and mastering prioritisation which people find challenging. Learn how to create strategies for seamless collaboration with colleagues, whether it's coordinating projects through project management apps, scheduling efficiently with digital calendars, or prioritising tasks with effective task management tools.

Office 365 Cloud Technologies User Training - Module 5

This module is used throughout the training but is also formally trained in a structured manner. This module equips participants with skills to fully utilise Microsoft 365 Cloud services in a modern work environment. We'll focus on efficient collaboration, cloud-based document management, and seamless use of Microsoft 365 applications.

Extra Support

Unemployed learners will receive additional employability support to kick-start their career using the skills they have learnt on the bootcamp. Upon completion, you will also receive a guaranteed interview with an employer looking for someone with your skills. 

Self-employed learners will receive support to write a business action plan to help grow their business. 

Employed learners will receive support to take on new responsibilities or a new job role within their existing employer.

365 Workplace Anchor


Whether you are looking to kick-start your career, transform your skillset or develop your workforce, our Skills Bootcamps are here to support you.


To register your interest, please complete our pre-enrolment form below. 

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